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August 03,2021

There are varied bathtubs material on the market for you to choose from, and fiberglass bathtubs are durable choices with low maintenance costs. This material is flexible and light in weight, making it the choice of many families. If you are considering using this bathtub, its advantages and disadvantages must be known.


wholesale fiberglass bathtubs manufacturer


What Is Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a wide variety of advantages. The advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. However, the disadvantage is that it is brittle and has relatively high wear resistance. Difference.


Characteristics Of Fiberglass

Generally people think that glass is a fragile and hard object, and it is not suitable as a structural material. But if it is drawn into filaments, its strength will be greatly increased and it has flexibility, so it can become an excellent structural material after changing its shape with resin.

As the diameter of the glass fiber becomes smaller, the strength will increase accordingly. These characteristics make the use of glass fiber far more extensive than other types of fiber. Glass fiber has the following characteristics:

High tensile strength; high elasticity coefficient; high impact strength; chemical resistance; low water absorption; good heat resistance; many types of processed products; transparent colloid; low price.


wholesale fiberglass bathtubs manufacturer


Must Know Advantages


Everyone Affordable


A fiberglass tub's affordability is among its own main perks. Matched up to tub options constructed from metal such as brass, copper and also cast iron, fibreglass is actually a very budget-friendly tub material,. It is likewise less expensive than bathtubs crafted from stone such as soapstone, marble, marble and also onyx, and strong area products. A fibreglass bathtub is actually also much less pricey than an acrylic soak, another plastic material that falls on the lower end of the rate range, so it is generally the best inexpensive tub alternative accessible.


Repairable Finish

A fibreglass bathtub possesses a softer coating that may lean to scrapes as well as splits, yet it is also repairable, which suggests you don't must change your whole tub if harm happens. Through sanding the area as well as utilizing a filler item as well as epoxy-based coating, you manage to refine a fibreglass bathtub's surface area so it seems like brand-new. You can easily purchase a fiberglass fixing kit which contains every one of the required materials, but the method could be time-consuming and difficult also. If you're certainly not a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you might choose hiring a professional fibreglass resurfacing business to handle the fixings.


Easy Installation

A fibreglass tub is light-weight, which generally produces an easier installment. When dealing with larger bathtub components such as appointed iron or stone, it may be tough to lug the tub to the washroom and action in location. Considering that a fibreglass bathtub is actually light in weight, it means you normally do not have to worry about installing added assistance in the flooring for the tub, particularly in a second-floor shower room.


Must Know Disadvantages


Inconsistent Surface

While a fiberglass is actually created by making up several levels of product into the desired condition, the end product is actually coated along with a gel coating resin to produce the bright finish. Because the gel layer is shot onto the tub, the density as well as color is certainly not constantly consistent around the tub area. Because of this, the bathtub might be actually jagged and also spotted in some regions. The shade does not go all the way by means of the private levels either, which is why it is actually simple for fiberglass tubs to vanish.


Poor Durability

Considering that fibreglass bathtubs are lightweight, they are thinner than various other bathtub products, which commonly produces them much less tough than the choices. Normally, a fibreglass bathtub has a life-span of 10 to 15 years. The gentle appearance is additionally very easy to scratch and also split, as well as eventually, the different colors might start to vanish too. Unlike a tougher component such as steel or stone, a fibreglass tub is actually additionally adaptable so it can easily change, which might cause the caulk around the bathtub to crack so the entire device moves when you intervene it. The activity can easily likewise lead to cracks or even damages in the bathtub's surface.


Final Decision


It's well known that every coin has tow aspects. After knowing its pros and cons of fibreglass bathtub, it's your time to make the final decision. If you want to get more information about sales, installation, etc. from the wholesale fiberglass bathtubs manufacturer, welcome contact us.