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August 03,2021

A hot bath can relieve or eliminate muscle tension, on top of that, requiring time to look after ourselves with a hot bath even further enhances our mental-physical condition.


Essentially, possessing a shower in hot water is just one of the oldest behaviors used by man to loosen up and restore mental as well as bodily wellness.


wholesale bathtub hydro manufacturer


Features of bathtub hydro


  • Includes HydrOzone which cleans and also develops an anti-bacterial environment in your bathing water
  • Includes Hydro easy touch console for operation of your thermic air system
    Important waste and spillover offers your washroom a streamlined and also fashionable look, while likewise adding to your tubs depth allowing you to soak also deeper in to the coziness of your tub


Spray water


There are two types of nozzles for water spraying. One is to spray water from the nozzles through pipes and pumps; the other is the unique turbo nozzle of Kaldewei, the first brand of European jacuzzi, each nozzle has With an independent motor, water is sucked in from around the nozzle, and then sprayed out from the middle, and the spray nozzle is massaged by the water stream.


Spray bubbles


The jet nozzle itself does not produce water. It sprays air through an air pump and pipe, forming bubbles in the water for massage.


Compared with air jet nozzles, water jet nozzles have stronger massage power. In order to increase the intensity of the massage force box, the usual practice is to add airflow to the water spray nozzle.


Why bathtub hydro


The effect of water bubbles on the human body has been proven to have great benefits for the human body to maintain health:


1. Your own skin, improve skin hygiene and blood circulation.

2. Improve capillary and lymphatic circulation as a whole.

3. Strengthen muscles and oxygenate the skin.

4. It has a significant therapeutic effect on muscle soreness, waist pain, arthritis, post-operative rehabilitation, mental tension and general fatigue.


Under the guidance of the wholesale bathtub hydro manufacturer, choose the bathtub, and relax all fatigue starting from next week.